Ridings Referral Program

No amount of advertising can compete with your word-of-mouth.  We want to reward you for doing what you are already doing: telling your friends about us.  

Send us a friend and when they purchase from us we'll send you $100.

It's that simple, we won't send them endless emails or phone calls, just a heads up that these are your friends and you told us about them.

What Do I Have To Do?
Fill out the form below in full and we will notify you when your friend purchases and send you your $100.

What's the Catch?
No catch, there is no limit to how many people you can refer.  You keep sending people you know and we'll keep sending you $100 when they buy.  We have paid out over $100,000 so far and can't wait to pay you for your help.

A few rules to keep it fair:

  1. These friends have never purchased with us before.
  2. These friends have to be signed up via the form below before visiting or contacting the store.
  3. These friends must purchase from Rick Ridings Ford in Monticello within 60 days from referral date.
  4. If a friend has been added more than once to our list, the first friend to add them will get paid when they purchase.

Make an Inquiry

Why ask for so much information?  We want to make sure we get you the money we owe you for your referral.